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Sandlot Ministries

Sandlot Ministries, Inc. is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while utilizing baseball, softball, and sports, in order for participants to “Catch the Spirit that Gives us the Victory!” Therefore, participants, parents, and coaches will experience professional instructional skills, building trust, integrity, zeal and fervor for the gifts and talents blessed by God.



"I started coming to Sandlot Ministries when I was a senior in high school. Quickly I realized what exactly I had been missing out on all these years. Within one month, I saw a vast improvement in my swing, my glove, and my arm; and I think my teammates and my coach did as well. The way Stan was able to pick out my niches and weaknesses truly amazed me. The revelation I found in my game advanced me above and beyond all my competition.  Not only did Stan mentor me on the field, but off of it as well. Going through a few things at home and at school, Stan gave me insight on how to overcome those issues. Today, three years later, I am the captain and star player on my college baseball team, leading my own ministry, and see miracles of God daily. Although I give all the honor in glory to Jesus Christ, I know that I could not have gotten to where I am today without the prayers, support, and passion behind Stan Lovins and Sandlot Ministries". 

Austin Y

"Nick got MVP in the AJAA finals today. He came about afoot form putting one over the fence!!! He did that twice! The umpire said he’s never seen a kid that age hit the ball so hard!!! Thank you!!

God Bless."

Excited parent

"After the FCA meeting was over, I went up to Stan to speak with him about baseball and asked him if he could give me some baseball lessons (completely throwing the lesson out of the back of my head) and Stan asked me some questions about what I wanted to do with baseball and where I wanted to go and was truly interested in what I wanted to do.  I ended up going to get baseball lessons from Stan and at some point during the lesson Stan ALWAYS made sure to teach me about the LOVE of Jesus Christ. As I learned I was completely dumbfounded to hear that this was how it was. I had a hard time believing this at first because all I had known was being beat down by the bible. As I grew in the word and started studying it I started to see that this was the truth, that God wants us to be uplifted and go forth and teach his LOVE!  The lessons turned into working for Stan giving lessons and witnessing the Love of Jesus Christ to other kids who came in.  Stan helped me (a boy who had no self-esteem) see that my confidence should not come from how the world sees me, or from baseball, or from anything other than GOD and knowing that he died on the cross so that I could be saved and spend the rest of eternity with him. When I realized this, it changed my entire life. I then realized that God had sent Stan into my life to be a spiritual father because I had no other father figures in my life. Gods plan to bring Stan into my life as a spiritual father ended up helping me realize that I had always had my TRUE father with me every step of the way. I thank God every day for bringing Stan into my life, and I know that the impact that Stan and Sandlot ministries has had on me has truly saved my life, and countless others. God is truly working through him to save thousands of souls!"

Ross M

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