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Stan Lovins II

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ". 1 Cor 15:57


Team Up With Stan Lovins II To Help Take The Saving & Healing Gospel Of Jesus Christ To People Where They Are.



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Television Appearances

Stan has appeared on:

  • TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network)
  • The Jim Bakker Show
  • LeSEA Broadcasting
  • ESPN
  • ESPN Radio
  • FOX 59
  • WNBA Events
  • Indianapolis Indians “Chapel at the Ball Park”
  • NCAA, IHSAA, and many other media outlets.

As an International Revival Evangelist, Stan has preached in
the USA, Liberia and Ghana Africa, Haiti and Honduras.

Church Revivals

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Stan Lovins II is an inspired International Revival Evangelist with a burning passion to see God's healing power and salvation arise in the heart and soul of today's people with the love of Jesus Christ! Expect The Lord's miracle in your life!

If you would like Stan Lovins to hold a revival meeting at your church, please click the button below to let us know where your church is located and the dates you are wanting.

Special Outreach Events We Call "Victory Fire"

Taking hope and light to kids using Christian music, entertainment, food, preaching, teaching, praying for people and more.  We like to team up with local churches to refer people to, so that after the revival is over they have a place to get connected, be discipled and grow in Christ.

Help us reach more people

Impact your community

Boldly Proclaiming the VICTORY & FIRE of JESUS CHRIST to every community - transforming the hearts and souls of this Generation with the Gospel inspired by the Holy Spirit!


  • Engaging communities to Call back this Generation away from abuse, drugs, depression & despair to the Hope, Healing, and Freedom in Faith foundations in Jesus for stronger communities in America through collaborative church and community "block party-style" outreaches utilizing professional athletes, sports clinics, live music, and dramas.
  • Imparting the Heavenly Father’s heart of Truth to this Generation with the value that God has given for each of them through Jesus Christ to be sons and daughters…a calling to the Father’s heart.
  • Collaborating with churches, youth groups, ministries, and community leaders with the focus and glory all for Jesus Christ for the advancement of His Kingdom.
  • Connecting new believers in Christ to a church or ministry to be discipled for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

  • Encouraging business apprenticeships for Kingdom of God advancement

Next Victory Fire event is coming soon. Click here for deatils.

School Convocations and FCA

Bringing a message of hope and value to young people. Helping them overcome the struggles in this life while teaching them who they are in Christ.

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Strong Man - Evangelist

Where Stan Lovins also serves on the Board Of Directors

Help us take the SAVING & HEALING gospel of Jesus Christ to people, where they are

Help us reach more people

Impact your community

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